Fictional sports teams from books, television, and movies

Books, television, and movies are full of fictional team names. From high school teams such as the Rydell Rangers of "Grease" and the Hickory Huskers of "Hoosiers"; to colleges such as the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles of "Coach" and the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs of "The Waterboy", these fictional teams form part of the environment of the show.

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Roswell Aliens BASEketball
Minnesota Americans Any Given Sunday
Maine Androids Any Given Sunday
Texas Angels The A-Team
Amelia Earhart College for Women Armadillos Mascots
Arlen High Armadillos King of the Hill
Hester Armadillos Faking It
Texas State Armadillos Necessary Roughness
Orangetown Assassins Goon
Adams College Atoms Revenge of the Nerds
Albuquerque Aztecs Any Given Sunday
Overland College Badgers Blue Mountain State
Charlotte Banshees Juwanna Mann
Miami Barracudas The Replacements
Langley Falls Bazooka Sharks American Dad!
Bad News Bears The Bad News Bears
Westdale High School Bears Brady Bunch
Beacon Town High Beavers Teen Wolf
East Valley Community College Beavers Larry Crowne
Milwaukee Beers BASEketball
Buckley Bisons Friday Night Lights
Boston Blackjacks Goon
Broom County Blades Slap Shot
Gotham Blades Batman
Miami Blades Dexter
Colorado Blizzard Any Given Sunday
Bay City Bluebirds Bay City Blues
Pullham University Bluecocks Division III: Football's Finest
Basin City Blues Sin City
Texas Methodist University Bobcats Friday Night Lights
Thunder Bay Bombers Youngblood
Bedrock Boulders The Flintstones
Salem Boulevardiers The Simpsons
Los Angeles Breakers Any Given Sunday
Orlando Breakers Coach
Kentucky Buckets KFC - TV ad
Miami Bucks Semi-Tough
Oklahoma Tech Buffaloes Friday Night Lights
Ampipe Bulldogs All the Right Moves
Duluth Bulldogs Leatherheads
Hill Valley High Bulldogs Back to the Future
Ridgeway High Bulldogs iCarly
Shermer High School Bulldogs Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Syracuse Bulldogs Slap Shot
California Bulls 1st and Ten
Hackensack Bulls Brewster's Millions
Hester Bulls Faking It
North Dallas Bulls North Dallas Forty
North Winnetka Bulls The League
Quimby Falls Buzzards The Fanatics
Capital City Capitals The Simpsons
Dunston Valley Cardinals Friday Night Lights
Cleveland Cats The Last Boy Scout
Houston Cattlemen Any Given Sunday
Calgary Cavaliers Mascots
Crossland High School Cavaliers Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Austin Celtics The Simpsons
Westerby Chaps Friday Night Lights
Durant Charging Buffalos Longmire
Los Charros de Copales Eastbound & Down
Charlestown Chiefs Slap Shot
Compton Clovers Bring It On
New Orleans Clown Punchers Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Atlanta Cobras The Game
Gilmore College Cobras One Tree Hill
Seattle Cobras iCarly
Saskatoon Cold The Ranch
Absaroka Colts Longmire
University of Texas Colts Necessary Roughness
California University Condors Beverly Hills, 90210
Montreal Corsairs Goon
Cougars Playmakers
Fort Hood Cougars Friday Night Lights
University of Louisiana Cougars The Waterboy
Croft Cowboys Friday Night Lights
South Park Cows South Park
West Canaan Coyotes Varsity Blues
California Crusaders Any Given Sunday
Orlando Crushers Any Given Sunday
Northfield Cubs Friday Night Lights
Miami Dealers BASEketball
San Antonio Defenders BASEketball
Seattle Demons North Dallas Forty
Los Angeles Diablos Bedazzled
Western University Dolphins Blue Chips
East Indiana State Dragons The Middle
Royal Rock Dragons Friday Night Lights
Burlington Drifters The Simpsons
Long Island Ducks Slap Shot
Gatling Eagles Friday Night Lights
Jefferson Davis Middle School Eagles Eastbound & Down
John Quincy Adams Middle School Eagles Girl Meets World
Muncie College Eagles The Hudsucker Proxy
New York Emperors Any Given Sunday
Mystery Eskimos Mystery, Alaska
Springfield Excitement The Simpsons
Alliance Park Falcons Underdogs
Hills Village Middle School Falcons Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Dallas Felons BASEketball
San Francisco Ferries BASEketball
Arizona Tech Fighting Hens How I Met Your Mother
Orson Fighting Hens The Middle
Redwood State Fighting Pinecones Weeds
Springfield Floozies The Simpsons
Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Miami Gators Back to the Future Part II
Lancaster Gears Slap Shot
Blue Mountain State Goats Blue Mountain State
Mars Greenskins Futurama
Gotham Griffins Batman
Swannanoa Grizzlies Trouble With the Curve
Allenville Guards The Longest Yard
Gotham Guardsmen Batman
Hounslow Harriers Bend It Like Beckham
Atlanta Hawks For Love of the Game
Hudgins Hawks Friday Night Lights
South Fork Herons Mascots
Halifax Highlanders Goon
Hickory Huskers Hoosiers
Lansing Ice Wolves Tooth Fairy
Springfield Ice-o-topes The Simpsons
Wisconsin Icemen Any Given SundayTownville
New Jersey Informants BASEketball
Detroit Ironmen The Replacements
Pittsburgh Ironmen Queer as Folk
Springfield Isotopes The Simpsons
Aberdeen College Jackals Coach
Jaguars The Sentinel
Lovell Kings Goon
Cedar Knob Knights Hoosiers
Dallas Knights Any Given SundayGotham
McKinley High Knights The Wonder Years
New York Knights The Natural
San Francisco Knights Any Given Sunday
Amelia Earhart College for Women Leaping Squaws Mascots
Detroit Lemons BASEketball
Lake Wobegon Leonards A Prairie Home Companion - radio show)
East Dillon Lions Friday Night Lights
Hogwarts Lions Harry Potter
Laribee Lions Friday Night Lights
North Shore Lions Mean Girls
Pleasantville Lions Pleasantville
Urbania Little Giants Little Giants
Tom Landry Middle School Longhorns King of the Hill
Moncton Lords Goon
Washington Lumbermen Any Given Sunday
Blue Lake Mallards Mascots
New York Mammoths Bang the Drum Slowly
Chicago Marauders North Dallas Forty
Millet Marauders A Prairie Home Companion - radio show)
Toronto Marlboros Youngblood
McNulty Mavericks Friday Night Lights
Allenville Mean Machine The Longest Yard
Shelbyville Meerkats The Simpsons
Springfield Meltdowns The Simpsons
Myrtle Beach Mermen Eastbound & Down
The Mighty Ducks The Mighty Ducks
Utica Mohogs The Simpsons
Denver Monarchs Dynasty
Faber College Mongols Animal House
Vernon Community College Moose Mascots
Hatley Muckers Muckers
South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs The Waterboy
Garrison Mustangs The Ranch
Hamilton Mustangs Youngblood
West Cambria Mustangs Friday Night Lights
Springfield University Nittany Tide The Simpsons
Los Angeles Outlaws Against All Odds
Oolitic Owls Hoosiers
Springfield Pachyderms The Simpsons
Dillon Panthers Friday Night Lights
Polk High Panthers Married with Children
West Dillon Panthers Friday Night Lights
Albany Patriots Goon
Peterborough Patriots Slap Shot
University of Los Angeles Peacocks The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
John Adams Middle School (JAMS) Pioneers Bad Teacher
Oregon Pioneers Any Given Sunday
Pemberton Pioneers Friday Night Lights
Park City Pirates Lucas
Preston Pirates Friday Night Lights
Seaview High Pirates Hannah Montana
Pittsburgh Pisces The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
Beaumont College Plumbers Mascots
Ridgewood Fighting Porcupines Liv and Maddie
Hyannisport Presidents Slap Shot
Seattle Prospects Any Given Sunday
Natesville Radishes Raising Hope
Rydell High Rangers Grease
South King Rangers Friday Night Lights
South Milbank Rattlers Friday Night Lights
Texas Rattlers Any Given Sunday
Tree Hill High Ravens One Tree Hill
Ogdenville Reactors The Simpsons
Springfield Reactors The Simpsons
Chicago Rhinos Any Given Sunday
Rydell Ringtails (Grease - the stage musical)
Los Angeles Riots BASEketball
Gotham Rogues Batman
Dallas Ropers The Replacements
Willingham Rovers Mascots
Rockingham Ruckus Eastbound & Down
San Diego Sabres The Game
San Francisco Saints Monk
Enormous State University Sandcrabs Tank McNamara
Phoenix Scorpions The Replacements
Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles Coach
Santa Barbara Seabirds Psych
Seahaven College Seahorses The Truman Show
Washington Sentinels The Replacements
St. John's Shamrocks Goon
Miami Sharks Any Given Sunday
Neptune Sharks Veronica Mars
Roseword High Sharks Pretty Little Liars
Shelbyville Sharks The Simpsons
Shelbyville Shelbyvillians The Simpsons
London Silly Nannies Family Guy
Springfield A&M Snortin' Swine The Simpsons
Los Angeles Stallions The Last Boy Scout
San Diego Stallions The Replacements
California Stars The Greatest American Hero
Metro City State Statesmen 22 Jump Street
Hamilton Steelers Goon
Twin Peaks Steeplejacks Twin Peaks
Tampico Stogies Long Gone
Springfield Stun The Simpsons
Durnsville Terns Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Los Angeles Thunderbirds Psych
Arnett Mead Tigers Friday Night Lights
Ashton Tigers Big Fish
Bayside High Tigers Saved by the Bell
South Pines Tigers Friday Night Lights
Terhune Tigers Hoosiers
Campbell Park Timberwolves Friday Night Lights
Eastern State University Timberwolves The Program
Houston Area Timberwolves Friday Night Lights
Buckingham Titans Blue Mountain State
East Haburn Titans Underdogs
South Texas Titans Friday Night Lights
William McKinley High School Titans Glee
Rancho Carne Toros Bring It On
Trenton Toros House M.D.
East Great Falls Trailblazers American Pie
Flint Tropics Semi-Pro
Stoolbend Turtleheads The Cleveland Show
Kansas Twisters Any Given Sunday
Quebec Victoires Goon
Brant Vikings Friday Night Lights
McKinley High School Vikings Freaks and Geeks
Shelbyville Visitors The Simpsons
Silverton War Eagles Into the Storm
Blackwell University Warriors Blue Mountain State
Eden Hall Warriors D3: The Mighty Ducks
Franklin State University Warriors Unbreakable
Wescott Warriors Friday Night Lights
John Hughes High Wasps Not Another Teen Movie
Windsor Wheelers Goon
Capeside High Wildcats Dawson's Creek
East Side High Wildcats High School Musical
Gotham Wildcats Batman
Linton Wildcats Hoosiers
Ogdenville Wildcats The Simpsons
Springfield Wildcats The Simpsons
West Texas Wildcats Coach
Ridgemont High Wolves Fast Times at Ridgemont High
St. Louis Wolves The Abbbott and Costello Show (Who's on First?)
Walla Walla Wombats 3000 Miles to Graceland
Wranglers of South Texas Coach
Monroeville Zombies Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Milwaukee Zoom The Simpsons
Washington Gun Takers Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt