Kids Basketball Safety Tips

Getting children interested in any physical activity is great for their health, but basketball has benefits all its own. Kids love to shoot on portable basketball hoops with their siblings, parents or other relatives, making it an ideal activity to promote family health and togetherness. While the sport burns calories and builds muscle, it helps children develop balance, concentration, coordination and self-discipline as well. Of course, with any activity, safety is your primary concern. Learning what to consider will help you protect your kids while promoting fitness.

Adult supervision is key. If your children are age eight or younger, a grownup should be present at all times when they are playing basketball to ensure that they play safely and avoid injuries. Older kids may not require constant attention, but having an adult nearby in case of an accident or injury is a good idea.

Think about the type of basketball hoops your kids use and tailor safety measures to them. For instance, if you have a portable hoop that they move to the driveway or street, fill the base with sand and lock the wheels whenever the hoop is in use. This will help prevent the hoop from falling onto a child. In addition, make sure you use a hoop that is appropriate for the ages, heights and abilities of your children.

Take time to equip your kids with proper footwear and any other gear they might need. For instance, children or teens playing basketball as part of a team may require an athletic supporter, mouth guard or other equipment.

Finally, make sure that they start out, play and wind up a game in the proper manner. Warming up will help their muscles get ready for activity and can thwart strains, sprains and other injuries. Staying hydrated is imperative, as well. Although they lose more fluid when the temps are high, kids’ bodies can become dehydrated during extreme physical activity even when the weather is mild. Encourage them not to overdo it, either. Shooting basketballs hoops can be a fun, healthy experience when safety is promoted.

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Kids Basketball Safety Tips - Safety tips for children when playing basketball.
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